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Rainbow Serpent

By February 21, 2019No Comments

Sometimes good things come from problems.

We brewed a little bit too much our of dry-hopped sour, Serpent Bite, and didn’t want to dump it or package so much that it would just sit and get old before its time came and went, so we decided to do something else with it.

Instead, we decided to build on the orange character of Serpent Bite with a rainbow sherbet inspired beer. We added lime, raspberry, and pineapple juices, then finished it with vanilla. A lot of beers with this kind of description lose their sour beer character and end up just desserty, but we love that this maintains it’s sour beer character enough that it stays refreshing and sessionable, with a puckering sourness.

You can drink it and pick up cans in the tasting room, and a few kegs are going out soon.

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