The Haunt Of

11.1% Ale

2 and 4 year old wild barrels refermented with massive amounts of neighborhood honey. Beautiful honey up front with white grape, orange, lime, peach, and floral notes, reminiscent of Sauternes or Tokaji. Complex acidity and light minerality follow. To maintain its mead and wine characteristics we debated bottling still but ended up just kept it to a very light, petillant carbonation. This should age for many years.

Hops: Golding, Comet
Grain: Pilsner, golden promise, malted wheat
Fermentation: Mother, Maenads, Furies blend
Other: Locally grown honey

Available in 375 mL bottles and draft limited

Artwork by Laura Vela


IPA / 7.9%

Here Secrets Lie

Single Barrel Stout / 13%

Lyrical – Galaxy and Hallertau Blanc

Saison Ale / 6.6%

Lyrical – Aged Hops

Saison Ale / 6.6%

Stouts All The Way Down Vol. 15

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout / 13%

Barrel-Aged City in the Trees

Long Boil Dopplebock / 11%

Mining Solitude From Darkness

Imperial Stout / 12.9%

Today I Choose Violence

Imperial Stout / 13%

Quad Transmigration of Souls

Quadruple IPA / 12%

Room A Thousand Years Wide – Jack Daniel’s Barrel

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine Style Ale / 12.6%