Lyrical – Aged Hops

6.6% Saison Ale Barrel – Fermented with Native Cultures and Dry-Hopped

Based on our former favorite, Lyric Ale, we fermented this saison in barrels with all native house cultures. After an appropriately long slumber we blended barrels and lightly dry-hopped it with cheesy aged hops we would normally use for our spontaneously fermented beers before bottling and letting mature for an additional 6 months. Vinous, fruity, dry, tart, cheesy, and funky, we can’t get enough of this.

Limited Availability | 375 mL bottles 

Artwork by Peter Ferrari


IPA / 7.9%

Here Secrets Lie

Single Barrel Stout / 13%

Lyrical – Galaxy and Hallertau Blanc

Saison Ale / 6.6%

Lyrical – Aged Hops

Saison Ale / 6.6%

Stouts All The Way Down Vol. 15

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout / 13%

Barrel-Aged City in the Trees

Long Boil Dopplebock / 11%

Mining Solitude From Darkness

Imperial Stout / 12.9%

Today I Choose Violence

Imperial Stout / 13%

Quad Transmigration of Souls

Quadruple IPA / 12%

Room A Thousand Years Wide – Jack Daniel’s Barrel

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine Style Ale / 12.6%