Barrel-Aged City in the Trees 

11% Long Boil Dopplebock Aged in Whiskey Barrels 

Starting with 100% Weyermann Barke pilsner malt, we boiled City in the Trees for 16 hours to develop deep flavors and color. This doppelbock lagered for months before going into ASW Duality Whiskey barrels. The Duality whiskey is a blend of rye and cherrywood smoked barley, which brings beautiful pipe tobacco and spice to the rich and malty base for a caramel whiskey candy of a beer. Yes, we did just release the non-barreled version of this beer – it sat around for a couple seasons waiting for someone to name it while the rest of it developed further in barrels. Try them side by side! 

Limited Availability | 375 mL bottles 

Artwork by Sam Parker


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Barrel-Aged City in the Trees

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