Atlanta’s Atalantan

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ATLANTA – We want you to nominate a special woman in your life who you feel truly represents strength, courage, and all of the things that make women so badass!

Do you know a woman who is dominating in their industry, a master of their craft, and overall just crushing it at life? We want you to nominate that special lady! ⁣

Your nominee will be entered for a chance to win a visit to our brewery for a private tour and tasting, as well as go home with some bottled favorites, a 6-pack of “There Was Such A Thing As Daylight (brewed exclusively by the ladies of Orpheus), and a few other fun surprises!


When Atalanta was born, she was left atop a mountaintop to die, simply because she was not a man. Some stories say that a she-bear cared for Atalanta until hunters found and raised her, and she learned to fight and hunt as a bear would. Having grown up in the wilderness, Atalanta became a fierce hunter and was always at peace in the wild. The father that once abandoned Atalanta eventually returned to her and wanted her to be married, but Atalanta, uninterested in marriage, agreed to marry only if her suitors could outrun her in a footrace. Those who lost would be killed.


 On 9/5, all nominees and their nominators will be invited to Orpheus for a special celebratory event in the Tasting Room to honor the women who continue to work so hard to keep our community thriving! ⁣There will be food, music, community, and of course great beer!

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