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Artist in Residence

By August 12, 2020August 21st, 2020No Comments

Orpheus Brewing is looking for our first Artist in Residence to join us for 12 months. This position will require up to 2 works per month (mainly labels, but potentially some merchandise) plus our yearly anniversary set. Pay is $1000/mo plus access to our health insurance for which we will cover $250/mo. There is also the possibility to sell art at the brewery and on our website.

We’re hoping to continue broadening what fits within our visual aesthetic to highlight different points of view, so we’re very open to art that looks considerably different from what we’ve had on a label before. Having said that, we’re not looking for pop art or cartoony illustration.

The first round of selection will be portfolio submission to with subject line “Artist in Residence”. Please attach several specific works that highlight what you would want to do with Orpheus. If you don’t have any work you think would really highlight what you think you can do with our themes, please feel free to take an Orpheus beer name and description and do you own version (check our beer pages for names and descriptions). A link to a curated google drive/dropbox selection is fine instead of attachments, but links to IG/Behance/website without attached works will not be considered. Feel free to include those links along with your attached works though. Portfolios must be submitted by 9/6/2020.

Based on portfolios, we’ll select 3 applicants for the 2nd round. All 3 applicants will be given the same creative brief and be asked to come up with 2-3 options for a label. Our favorite work from every artist will go on an actual label in a 3 part series, with every artist paid $500. The artist with our favorite set of works will become our artist in residence.


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