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Artifice of Eternity – The Inversion: Our Experimental Exploration of Chocolate and Beer

By December 10, 2020No Comments

From cocoa fruit, to nibs, to beer, to candy bars.

We utilized every aspect of this fruit to create something just as unique as it is delicious. 

“This is an exercise of absurdity that I feel pretty comfortable saying nobody’s done before,” says Jason Pellett, brewmaster and CEO of Orpheus Brewing. 
“We refermented a blend of 1, 2, and 3 year-old spontaneous beer on raw cocoa fruit for Artifice of Eternity. We took the beer off the fruit, then rinsed the fruit pulp from the seeds and dried them. I brought the seeds home and spent 4 days roasting, grinding, and winnowing them into about 20kg cocoa nibs. Most of the nibs went into a single bourbon barrel of 2 year old stout, which we will release as Artifice of Eternity – The Inversion. For the remainder of the nibs, I got a wet stone grinder to refine and conche the nibs into a chocolate liquor. After many failed attempts at an appropriate temper, the chocolate liquor is now chocolate bars.”
Artifice of Eternity, Artifice of Eternity – The Inversion, and the chocolate bars will be available as a set on 12/18 with pre-sale on OZNR within the next couple days.

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