The Team

The Story

Driven by the obsessive desire to package what can’t be harnessed — the fleeting perfection of indulgence and stories and laughter coming together — Orpheus Brewing began as the homebrew fantasy of trumpet-player-turned-brewmaster Jason Pellett. An introduction to Andrew Lorber helped turn this into more than a fantasy, and the doors opened Memorial Day 2014. With an early emphasis on sour beers and wild barrels, Atalanta was the first packaged sour beer in Georgia and Everything Lasts Forever was the first lambic process Méthode Traditionnelle 3-year blend in the Southeast. From sours, to IPA’s, to massive barrel-aged stouts, we’re always attempting to catch fleeting dreams just out of reach.


The Values

Don’t look back. We make a choice daily whether we want to live in the world in which we wake up or whether we will make a new world. With this in mind, we value the audacity to do what others won’t or haven’t; the self-reflection to look for ways to improve our beer, our culture, and our process; the inclusivity necessary to incorporate new ideas and challenge old ideas; and the community we develop with everyone through beer. These values drive our beer making and our code of conduct for staff and guests.

Code of Conduct

The Brand

Inspired by the story and teachings of Orpheus, themes of rebirth, rituals, wanting, and wandering are central to what we do, all rooted in the lesson we learn from Orpheus: Don’t look back. To help tell our stories, we draw inspiration from Atlanta artists whose work adorn our labels and walls.




“I don’t really have a process. I’ll get one little idea, and it just goes. You don’t have to have a whole idea when you start. If you think you’re going to think of the whole symphony from the beginning, you’re not gonna even get to that first motive.”

–  Jason Pellett, Brewmaster