The Ferryman

The Ferryman

We originally decided to brew The Ferryman after concluding The 12th Labor was better suited as only a barrel-aged beer, but we still wanted an imperial stout that wasn’t entirely barrel-aged. For the first two years of its existence, this beer was brewed with vanilla and hazelnut but this year we decided to change things. We completely rethought every part of its make-up.

We loved the rich, silky, dark fruit character of the yeast we’ve used on big 13%+ ABV stouts like The 12th Labor, so that’s what we used on The Ferryman. It just didn’t give the same character on the smaller, 10.5% beer, so we considered changing the yeast. Instead, we just decided to go big. At 11.8%, The Ferryman puts the yeast in its optimal zone.

While rethinking the beer, we decided to drop the old flavor profile and work with our friends at Java Lords. We were looking to create as much aroma as possible from the coffee while leaving behind the astringent bitterness that can come with using brewed coffee. So instead, we added over 150lbs of freshly ground beans directly to the fermenter, giving our new stout a huge coffee nose, with decadent, roasted flavors and a smooth finish.

We happened to have an excess of bourbon barrel-aged stout from 2016 stored away and realized that we loved the balance created when added to this year’s big new version of The Ferryman. So we blended the stouts together for a 30% barrel-aged beer. We’ve always done long boils on our stouts, but we took it to an extreme this time, averaging about 32 hours per batch. This helps to develop a fuller, more viscous body and intense melanoidin flavor compounds. The refined, velvet mouth-feel that is complemented by a rich, slightly bitter finish.

The Ferryman is now available on draft in the tasting room and should be hitting your favorite bars in the next week or two.

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September 1

SAM_3712The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here! Laws are changing September 1, allowing breweries to sell beer directly to you. We’re in the midst of a frenzy of last minute preparation (new POS system to run tabs, expansion of the tasting room into the barrel room, more seating and tables). Here’s what you need to know:

1) The tour/tasting package is now a relic of the past. We‘ll finally operate like any other bar, selling beer by the glass. Yes, that picture is of all the glasses we’ll be using.

2) The tour/to-go beer package is also gone. Come in and just buy up to a case of beer. We’ll try to stay stocked!

3) Hours are expanding and we’ll now be open 7 days a week:
Monday-Friday 6-10 (with the exception of Labor Day, 9/4, when we’ll be open 1-5)
Saturday/Sunday 1-10

4) Beers are expanding! Being able to sell by the glass means being able to put much more of our special and barrel-aged beers on tap. We just added 12 more taps to accommodate all the beers we want to pour. Expect to see beers like Even the Furies Wept, The 12th Labor, Ye Who Enter Here, Noise and Flesh: Blackberry, and lots more. We’ve been sitting on kegs of our barrel-aged releases and hundreds of untouched barrels for several years just waiting for the laws to change, so expect new stuff all the time.

5) To accommodate the new beers, we’ve added taps in the barrel room. Barrel-aged beers will generally be available in the barrel-room and non barrel-aged beers will be at the main bar.

5) The seating situation will be better on September 1 than it ever has been, but it’s just the beginning. Lots more changes coming in the next few months to make this a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for everyone.

We can’t wait to give you the experience we’ve dreamt of for years!

-The Orpheus Brewing team

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The 12th Labor bottle release 8/17

SAM_3676It’s finally time to release bottles from this blend that we originally tapped for our anniversary in May. They’ll be in the tasting room 8/17. Bottle tours are $22, up to 3pp. Besides our regular $14 tasting tour, we’ll be offering a special barrel-aged tasting tour for $24 that includes a special glass and a number of barrel-aged options in addition to the standard list.

Barrel-aged tour draft list includes:
The 12th Labor (Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout, 13.9%)

Abandon All Hope (Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Vanilla Beans, 13.9%)

Ye Who Enter Here (Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Coffee, Chiles, and Vanilla Beans, 14%)

Noise and Flesh: Blackberry (Wild Ale aged in wine barrels and refermeted with GA blackberries, 4.5%)

Even the Furies Wept (Wild Ale aged in barrels for 12-32 months, 7%)

Standard draft list:
Kiss of the Earth (Wild IPA, 6.2%)

The Cold Ground (coffee sour, 5%)

Transmigration of Souls (Double IPA, 10%)

Noise and Flesh (wild ale aged in wine barrels, 4.4%)

Atalanta (Tart Plum Saison, 5.25%)

Over and Over (Pineapple Sour, 4%)

Serpent Bite (Dry-hopped sour, 6%)

Silent Haze (IPA, 6%)

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A long time coming

Coolship fruit

In January/February 2016, we did our second season of spontaneous, barrel-fermented beer in the tradition of lambic. That means that we used a high percentage of unmalted wheat, did a long, complex turbid mash to achieve high levels of complex starches, hot sparge to pull as much from the grain as possible, had a long boil with aged hops, cooled overnight in our open coolships, then transferred to oak barrels where they fermented spontaneously (all wild from the environment – no pitched cultures), and have been slowly maturing ever since. We’ve actually been brewing beer like this for 3 years and never touched a single barrel, until yesterday.

We blended several of these January/February 2016 barrels and added GA blueberries and blackberries. The beer will sit on the fruit for several weeks before packaging. We should have it on tap in the tasting room in September, and a limited amount of bottles in several months. Out of respect to the Belgian lambic brewers, we won’t be calling this lambic, but it’s the first glimpse of our take on the beers that most inspires us.

-Jason Pellett, brewmaster

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The 12th Labor

12th LaborIt’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since our one and only release of The 12th Labor. That wasn’t really the intention, but some things take time. The upcoming release is blended from a couple batches brewed December 2015 that spent 16 months in assorted bourbon barrels. From these barrels we’ve already blended Abandon All Hope and Ye Who Enter Here, but for The 12th Labor we wanted to reserve the *best barrels and give them extra time. There’s nothing added to the stout except for the barrel, so in a world obsessed with adjuncts in stouts, we needed the base beer to stand on its own.

The resulting beer is decadent and pillowy, with rich, sweet chocolate flavors that are just barely restrained by some bitterness and a touch of smoke. We think it was worth the wait.

*We shot this fun video with our good friend Ale Sharpton in which we tasted a couple barrels before blending. We were pulling samples beforehand, but I hadn’t actually tasted them before shooting. The one that he describes as being like red wine didn’t actually make the blend, but I expect to be a great part of the blend of our old ale that’s been aging in barrels for almost 2 years.

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Year Three

18119181_1148876158545879_8415407198312350180_nIt’s the year of the Swan! We’ll have the full set of Bourbon barrel-aged stouts (The 12th Labor, Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here), a new blend of Even the Furies Wept, the release of a new pineapple sour, a fresh batch of Truth.Body.Soul., and lots more! We’re really excited about the release of Like a White Curtain Blowing in the Draft From a Half-Opened Window Beside a Chair on Which Nobody Sits, which along with being on tap, will have bottles available (edit: bottle release will be delayed several weeks). This wild ale aged for a year in wine barrels is bright, tart, and full of lemon and stone fruit character. Tour cost is $24, which includes 9 4oz pours and a commemorative glass.

The following food trucks will also be making appearances throughout the weekend: C’est Tout Bon 2 Eat Teranga Catering Without Borders

On Sunday, 5/28 we will also host a special Anniversary Orphism #11 with Chris Neuenschwander of Noosh Studios. Chris will be live screen printing t-shirts with a design he made of a sleeping Cerberus. Shirts will be $20 or you can bring your own shirt and pay $10.

With 4 sessions to choose from, we’re not going to do tickets – just show up when you want. Sessions:
Saturday 5/27 – Session 1: 12-4, Session 2: 5-9
Sunday 5/28 – Session 3: 12:30-5
Monday 5/29 – Session 4: 12:30-5

Again and Again – Pineapple sour, 4%

Hop Experiment #3 – IPA featuring Denali and Huell Melon, 7%

Truth.Body.Soul. – Double IPA with 60% more hops than Transmigration of Souls. Not really new, but we change the hops every release and this one features Denali and Mosaic, 8%

Like a White Curtain Blowing in the Draft From a Half-Opened Window Beside a Chair on Which Nobody Sits – Wild ale aged a year in wine barrels, 6.85%

Even the Furies Wept, Blend #3 – Wild ale aged 12-32 months in Sauternes casks and wine barrels, 7%

The 12th Labor – Imperial stout aged in Bourbon barrels for 16 months, 13.9%

Abandon All Hope – Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout aged on vanilla beans, 13.9%

Ye Who Enter Here – Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout aged on coffee, chiles, and vanilla beans, 14%

Sykophantes d’Or – Golden Fig Sour aged in Bourbon barrels with apricots and currants, 9.5%

The Raving Ones – Native yeast Tripel aged in Bourbon barrels, 10%

The Sirens – Spontaneously fermented wild ale with green strawberries and aged in wine barrels, 5%

Noise and Flesh – Wild ale aged in wine barrels

Transmigration of Souls (Double IPA), 10%

Serpent Bite (Dry-hopped sour), 6%

Atalanta (Tart plum saison), 5.25%

Lyric Ale (Saison), 6.5%h

Keep up with exciting updates on Facebook.

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Like a White Curtain Blowing in the Draft From a Half-Opened Window Beside a Chair on Which Nobody Sits

White Curtain

Sometimes beer from a particular barrel really hits you. This time it was actually two barrels, and they had both previously held our spontaneously fermented green strawberry beer, Sirens. With very few exceptions, I don’t generally find single barrels to be good enough to release, but these were that good even after only about 6 months in the barrel. We gave it another 6 months and they were even better, but we still thought they’d be improved with a blend, so we found another couple barrels that we had inoculated with one of our favorite blends, Even the Furies Wept, and blended them. The resulting beer is bright and light despite its high acidity, full of stone fruit and lemon character, like a white curtain blowing in the draft from a half-opened window beside a chair on which nobody sits.

Which is quite a coincidence, because that’s also how Margaret Atwood describes Eurydice’s state of being while in Hades when Orpheus comes to get her, on the journey that was the beginning of the Orphic rebirth mythology, which is what Plato refers to when Er describes seeing Orpheus transformed in to a swan in the transmigration of his soul. And that’s why we put swan wings on all of our barrel-aged labels, to represent the transformation that happens in the wood. This is just the first time we’ll be putting Sam Parker‘s beautiful swan on a label – expect to see it on many of our upcoming small blends.

Ah, beer. We’ll be pouring this for our Year Three celebration Memorial Day weekend, and also have a limited number of bottles available during all sessions. We’ll be allocating around 100 per session, first come first serve.

-Jason Pellett, brewmaster

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#dontlookbackOB Photo Contest

15384363_1039055859527910_4501163485972292247_oPhoto: @colin_murphy_photo

Share your favorite way to enjoy Orpheus beers and you could win one of three grand prizes from the brewery!

As our three-year anniversary quickly approaches, we have lots of exciting things happening here at Orpheus and want to hear from you! Starting Wednesday, April 19, through Wednesday, May 3, show us your #dontlookbackOB moments by snapping a photo of your favorite way to enjoy Orpheus beers (at your local pub, at home, while doing yoga, etc.) and sharing to Instagram with the hashtag #dontlookbackOB.

By participating, you will be entered to win one of the three grand prizes listed below. Winners will be selected by brewmaster Jason Pellett and announced on our social media pages on Friday, May 5.

Grand prizes:
- Private tour & tasting with Brewmaster Jason Pellett
- VIP tour passes
- Orpheus Brewing schwag pack

How to enter:
- Follow @OrpheusBrewing on Instagram
- Share a photo to Instagram of how you enjoy Orpheus beers and tag @OrpheusBrewing
- Hashtag your post #dontlookbackOB

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