Maenads Tripel

Maenads pageAt Orpheus, we stand by our motto, “Don’t look back.” For Maenads Tripel, we brewed with a wild yeast we isolated from the air around the brewery that we affectionately call Maenads. We use this new yeast to brew an ethereal Belgian inspired Tripel rooted in the Piedmont Park air we breath everyday.

Food pairing
Maenads Tripel has a higher ABV, with noticeable fruity and spicy character, making it a great match for cassoulet, rich stews, and ripe cheeses.

Hops: Huell Melon, Pekko
Grain: Two-row barley, Spelt, Malted Oats
Fermentation: Wild yeast tamed in our brewery
ABV: 9%

Draft, 750 ml bottles


Sanithna Phansavanh