Lyric Ale – Orpheus Brewing’s flagship beer, Lyric Ale is a saison hopped like an American IPA with several new varieties of tropical fruit tasting hops. Dry with bright tropical stone fruit and citrus flavors, ending with a silky finish; 6.5% ABV

Atalanta –A tart plum saison, Atalanta is named for the mythical Greek heroine who was raised by a bear and became the only female Argonaut by being one of the greatest hunters and runners in the world. Atalanta tastes of plums up front, intermingling with the spicy yeast and the fruitiness of the hops. Refreshingly tart and dry with wine-like acidity that makes Atalanta as good for pairing with food as by itself; 5% ABV

Seasonal IPA – A different IPA for each season. Orpheus Brewing will launch with Transmigration of Souls, our Spring Double IPA.

The 12th Labor –Imperial stout, rich and complex from Trappist yeast, dark candy syrup and a hint of smoke, look for a variety of barrel aged variations; 12% ABV

Wandering Blues –Named for Orpheus’s three years of wandering after Eurydice’s death. Wandering Blues is a barrel aged sour pale aged on fresh Georgia blueberries; 10% ABV

Atalanta Reserva – A sour plum beer like Atalanta, but develops further with wild fermentation in oak barrels; 7%

Plus much more, including a series of Brett Saisons, hop experiments, and a wide variety of barrel aged sours and strong ales from our two barrel rooms.  Stay up to date on current experiments on Facebook.